Environmental Statement

Scales Plantation is situated on a working farm where we have been involved in many environmental schemes that we hope will improve our little slice of Cumbria and the rest of the world. We have laid over 1km of hedgerow, planted over 2500 upland hardwoods, created seven ponds and wetland environments. Also, we have set aside 100 acres of moorland for heather regeneration to provide habitat for Grouse.

As we are working to safeguard the environment for the future generations we have tried to keep the footprint of Scales Plantation on the surrounding area as low as possible. We have chosen green options including solar powered electricity, self-composting toilets and have provided recycling bins for your use to recycle glass bottles, cans, newspapers and cardboard.  We use natural and biodegradable cleaning products. Your cooking can be done on wood burning ranges and stoves however we ask that you are responsible with the wood we provide for fuel.

Scales Plantation is home to a diverse range of wildlife including rare Red Squirrels. We hope you enjoy sharing the woods with all the wildlife and respect them in their natural habitat.

Please don’t take anything home with you,


Enjoy and be green!